Zip Lines are taking over!  And for good reason; they can be a great activity for both youth and adult groups. The growing fascination with zip lines means crowded facilities, break the bank prices, and a short experience that only the rider feels, right? Wrong!

Zip Lines bring teams together. Zip lines can be a true team building experience as you navigate to the loading platform and take that first step off. Zip Lines should not be a solo experience that an individual faces alone. Zip Lines, like all of our adventure recreation, is meant to be experienced and accomplished together with your team, group, or family. Groups support and encourage one another as they take that leap of faith and begin their soaring adventure. And groups are there to cheer and congratulate one another as they zip into the landing zone feeling empowered by the activity.

Zip Lines at Pine Creek are not meant to break the bank. We want to be able to offer unique, life-changing activities for every budget. Our mission is providing affordable off-site ministry events! Our zip lines can be packaged together to coincide with a team building program, meaning groups can still schedule their day of adventure recreation programs without missing out on the adrenaline filled activity; all at one simple price per person.